The Tenth Sunday After Pentecost, July 29, 2018

Old Testament: Genesis 9:8–17

Epistle: Ephesians 3:14–21

Gospel: Mark 6:45–56

Ships in Distress in a Storm c.1720-30 Peter Monamy 1681-1749 

The Old Testament Reading recounts God’s covenant with Noah and all living creatures never to destroy the earth by flood again. It also speaks of the sign of that covenant, the rainbow. The Gospel reveals the power God’s Son displays during a storm on Lake Gennesaret. He demonstrates his power over the storm first by walking on the waves, and second by quieting the wind and calming the waves once inside the boat. Safely ashore,  Jesus demonstrates his power again as he heals the sick who were brought to him. The Ephesians Epistle is a continuation of the letter, speaking of God’s power, albeit of a different type.

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