First Sunday in Lent, February 18, 2018

Old Testament: Genesis 22:1–18

Epistle: James 1:12–18

Gospel: Mark 1:9–15

First Sunday of Lent: Theme for Today’s Liturgy

Mark’s Gospel says that the Spirit “drove” Jesus into the wilderness where He faced the trials and temptations of Satan.  The forty days of Jesus’ temptation bring to mind the years of wilderness wanderings experienced by the Israelites, who were eventually brought to the promised land (Collect).  Jesus is driven into the wilderness because it was necessary for Him to fulfill the all righteousness, to accomplish through His perfect obedience what we cannot do for ourselves (Gospel, Gradual).  Christ is indeed our mighty fortress who withstood all that Satan could throw at Him, in order to bring salvation to sinful people beset with trial and temptation and doubt (Hymn of the Day).  By resisting the devil’s temptation, Jesus passed God’s test – for us (Gospel).


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