Worship is like having one foot in heaven with the other here on earth.  What brings heaven into our earthly worship is not dependent on the elaborateness of the service or the sincerity of our devotion.  Rather, it is because of the One who is present in our worship that we experience heaven on earth.  If worship is “heaven on earth,” then it stands to reason that what we do and say in worship should in some sense give us a foretaste of that great feast to come.

The worship service at Christ Lutheran is liturgical, which means that our worship service is an action, something is happening.  Who is doing this action?  The real actor in the liturgy is our Lord Jesus Christ, who brings the gifts of Word and Sacrament to His people.  It is Christ who speaks and acts through the church for the salvation and sanctification of His people.  Created and moved by the Holy Spirit, the church then responds with praise and thanksgiving.  It is God who initiates and motivate the church’s worship, which is the liturgy.

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