Palm Sunday, Sunday of the Passion, April 5, 2020

Perhaps we can think of the church living in the time of this pandemic in the context of the Israelites who were sent into the Babylonian captivity. For them it was a time of exile when they were forced to give up land and temple.  We are like that now in some ways, a people who have been knocked off the tracks.  But the church in exile is still the Body of Christ.  God has not left us alone.  His Word still comes to us, our Baptismal faith still grasps hold of His promises, in repentance we call upon Him in prayer.  So as we enter into Holy Week, remember that “the church in exile is still an Easter church.”  Our in-person celebration of the Resurrection of Our Lord must for now wait, but we will gather again when our Lord bids us.  That day we will gather in the name of the Triune God who saves us, and like every Sunday, that day will bring us the gifts Christ won for us on the cross and the victory over death we have in His Resurrection.

Service of the Word for Palm Sunday/The Sunday of the Passion



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