The Second Sunday After Pentecost, June 23, 2019

Gospel Luke 8:26-39

We who are in Christ continue in that discipleship because only He has these Words, and we can’t ever grow tired of hearing them.  And we can never grow tired of sharing that same message with our neighbours, just as the longtime demoniac was instructed to do.  What became of that message that he was sent to shout out?  We don’t know, St. Luke doesn’t give us all that detail.  Did God use it to plant faith into the hearts of hearers?  Actually the response doesn’t even matter so much from our perspective, for the praises of Jesus are always a glorious thing even if people won’t listen.  But the thing to take with you today is the reality of the evil one who seeks to destroy the faith that you have received, and in so doing destroy you in body and soul, and to rejoice that Jesus has conquered him and sin and hell itself for your sake.  Christ covers with his blood all your uncleanness in the sight of God, even every time you gave into the temptations of the devil and were back in those shackles.  He brings you this forgiveness through the very Words that He speaks, for through the preaching of His Word all sin and evil are vanquished forevermore.  Jesus is the one sent from God to all people, to bring salvation. 

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